Frequently Asked Questions

q. how long will it take to complete my registration?

We apply to all of your selected agencies and companies within the first 24 hours of your application. We will then continue to keep you updated via email throughout the process. Once your applications have been submitted by us, the time it takes for you to be registered is dependent on the turnaround times of the specific companies you have chosen for this process.

Some companies can start to contact you for jobs within a week, whereas others, particularly the locum agencies that contact your specified referees, are largely dependent on how quickly they receive a response. If it is necessary for you to prompt or change a specified referee due to them taking an unusual amount of time to respond, we will inform you. Rowlands pharmacy requires you to physically sign a registration form so when we email this to you, it is important you print it sign it, take a photo and send it straight back to us promptly. Unlikely as it may be, if we do contact you about any additional information, it is obviously important that we get a prompt response in order to proceed quickly with your registrations.

We will alert you each time you become able to to book jobs with each of the individual organisations you choose to register with. This will allow you to get cracking as a locum before all of your registrations are complete. It is therefore important that all of the documentation and personal information you provide is accurate, valid, and up to date, in order to avoid any unnecessary delay to your registration process.

We will always endeavour to complete your registration with your chosen organisations as quickly as possible. However it is important to note that once the process of submitting your applications has been completed, this is largely dependent on the efficiency of the organisations in question. We will however, always keep you updated regardless of the situation.

Q. Can I get my DBS done as a pre-registration pharmacist and use this to register with agencies once i am a pharmacist?

Yes, you can absolutely do this. You would follow the same process as a regular Pharmacist and get the enhanced DBS check done before subscribing with the update service which would allow you to use the DBS certificate going forward.

q. i havent done any/much locum work before but i need a locum-enabled smartcard.

We have guidance around this in our resources section.

q. How many different companies will you sign me up to if i go for the Complete package?

The LocumKey package aims to give you the option to sign up with all of the significant companies and locum agencies in England. We currently have more than 15 of them to choose from (you may select as many or as few as you wish). You can also specify specific companies or locum organisations outside of this list, if you so please. We are constantly monitoring the landscape for any new companies or organisations to add to this list in order to continue to maximise your locum opportunities for you. So this list may be updated at any time.

The organisations currently listed are:

1. Boots
2. Lloyds
3. Well
4. Rowlands
6. Day Lewis
7. Asda
8. Superdrug
9. Cohens
10. Morrisons
11. Paydens
12. Kamsons

1. New Directions
2. Locumlink
3. TeamLocum
4. Capital Locums
5. Emergency Locum
6. TotalLocum
7. Locate a Locum
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