Required documentation for registration

Before you begin your LocumKey Complete online registration, you will want to ensure you have the following important items:
  • CPPE Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults level 2 certificate -
  • Professional indemnity insurance certificate - OR
  • Dementia friends accreditation -
  • Medicine Use Review (MUR) certificate -
  • Repeat dispensing certificate -
  • Disclosure Barring Service (DBS) certificate (See appropriate section below)
  • Subscription to the DBS update service
  • Locum Enabled Smartcard - (Contact your local Registration Authority - & see appropriate section below.

Furthermore, getting accredited in the following areas will serve to substantially increase the number of bookings you will be considered for:
  • Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC) accreditation -
  • NMS (New Medicine Service) accreditation


The CPPE is the provider of educational solutions for the NHS pharmacy workforce across England. This is where you can get your educational accreditations for things like MUR, NMS, EHC, and Level 2 Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults. Fundamentally pharmacists should seek to acquire as many accreditations for their portfolio as possible. Access the website at

Disclosure Barring services (including update service)

The Disclosure and barring service application (DBS) check was created as a replacement for Criminal records bureau (CRB) and Independent Safeguarding Agency (ISA) checks. As Pharmacists work with vulnerable adults and children, they now require an enhanced DBS check in order to work. Locum agencies and Pharmacy Contractors will demand to see a copy of your certificate before registering you. As a locum, alongside your DBS certificate, you will need to be registered with the DBS update service which allows any employer to check your DBS status online, making your certificate transferable across any employer.

LocumKey have teamed up with OnlineDBS, to allow you to complete your Enhanced DBS check online, with a super-fast, safe, and efficient service, tailored to meet the needs of our clients. Four out of five of our applications are completed within a week, 30% of those within 24 hours. Check out our Enhanced DBS Check.

EPS2 Smartcards

A EPS2 enabled smartcard is essential in todays pharmacy with the majority of prescriptions now transitioning to an electronic format. Your smartcard allows you to access the NHS spine and download these prescriptions when they are sent form the GP surgeries. You are also able to access basic patient information with these cards which is useful if you need a contact number for example.

For pharmacists based at the same regular pharmacy or pharmacies, they will be granted Smartcard use at these sites alone. However for the Locum pharmacist, you will need what is called a FFFFF-coded Smartcard, which allows your card to access the EPS computer system at any pharmacy.

Whilst you may be able to get by with another staff members smart card here and there for a short period of time, eventually you will be relied upon as the individual responsible for having access to the electronic prescriptions for whichever branch you are working at that day. Therefore it is pretty much essential that as a locum you have a locum-coded card.

How do i get one?

EPS2 smart cards are issued by the registration authority for the area in which the locum regularly works. The link to the page is as follows:

The exact process for you to get your Smartcard varies between registration authorities. It will involve some sort of face-to-face meeting and you will be required to provide some forms of identification. Issue of the Smartcard will also require a sponsor. This is where acquiring a locum-coded Smartcard can be a bit tricky, as your sponsor would usually be your line manager or supervisor.

There are however ways around this. Often, the Registration Authority will be able to provide a sponsor, but they will request evidence that there is a real need for this type of Smartcard. your sponsor needs to be able to vouch for the your work schedule not being sufficiently predictable for you to have a location/company specific Smartcard instead. Evidence requested varies between sponsors, but it may for example be, proof of locum bookings at five different pharmacies within a set period, or in some cases they have been known to accept a letter from a locum agency, confirming that there is work in your area, and that your schedule would be sufficiently unpredictable for you to warrant a locum-coded card.

Ultimately we are here to help, so if you have any difficulty getting hold of a Smartcard, Contact Us via the website or Email us and we will help get this resolved for you.
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