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There are times of the year when locum demand is particularly high, this is generally due to it being a popular time of the year for permanently employed pharmacists to take their holidays. This will typically coincide with school holidays, national holidays, and religious festivals. Severe weather conditions can also cause a high locum demand, although this is not predictable in the same way. It is also worth noting that most companies do not allow their staff members to take time off during December, as this is an important commercial period. December and the months either side of it, tend to be a notoriously quiet time for locum work, it is advisable to try to book much of these months in advance if you are planning on working through this period. On the other hand, it can be an ideal time of the year to take a well-deserved break.

We have created a ‘Locum Calendar’ with all of the important dates that locum pharmacists are in high demand and consequently enhanced rates. It is a good idea to mark these dates in your calendar and bear them in mind when you are considering bookings.

Locum Calendar

Spring Half Term 12th to 16th Feb / 19th February to 23rd February (varies by region)
Easter Holidays 30th March to 13th April
Early May Bank Holiday 7th May
Ramadan 15th May to 14th June
Spring Bank Holiday 28th May
Summer Half Term 28th May to 1st June
Eid ul fitr 14/15/16 of June (depending on the moon)
Summer Holidays 23rd July to 1st September
Eid al adha 22nd to 24th August
Pharmacy Show 7th to 8th of October
October Half Term 23rd to 27th October / 26th October to 4th November (varies by region)
Diwali 7th November
Christmas Holidays 21st December to 2nd January

Please note: Major sporting events concerning the national team can also create increase additional locum demand, so mark these dates in your diary too.

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